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Welcome to my Guitar Hero fan site. I got Guitar Hero II for Christmas 2006 and played it non stop for the rest of the holidays. My fingers were shot from playing so much! It has inspired me to service my old electric guitar and begin playing again.

Now I want to be a Drum Hero. I created this site after hearing rumors of Drum Hero being released this year along with 80s Guitar Hero. What an awesome concept! I will have my rock band together in no time and will be able to have a go at all the instruments.

Drum Hero will be easy to create as electric drum kits have been available for over 20 years now. So making a drum controller will be a synch. I envisage a similar interface as Guitar Hero with a the drums layed out at the bottom of the screen and the notes running down the screen.

After making this site and taking up the guitar again, I went to a used goods store and saw plenty of drum kits and drum sets at very reasonable prices. I am now tempted to buy a cheap drum kit to start practicing the in anticipation for the release of Drum Hero or Drum Villain.

GUITAR HERO ENCORE - Rocks the 80s

So got Guitar Hero 80s edition the day it was released. I found it much easier to do solos. The hammer ons and pull offs are easier, allowing for faster play. Absolutely love the 80 style and music and it's great to re-live it in Guitar Hero 80s.


gibson sg  guitar controller skin

Ok so I was getting bored with my Gibson SG controller so I asked my friends and Bladerunner Graphics to help out. These guys really rock! Using their new 6-colour solvent printer and laminator they made an awesome looking cherry wood guitar controller skin. The laminate is really shiny and looks like a gloss coat over the top of the print. I love it and will be sending them a few differnet designs so that I can keep Rocking on. Find out more in the controller section

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